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Here's where you can find out more about the people working at the Spekters Mansion! Read the descriptions to the right to see what makes your favorite characters in the "House of Spekters" comics tick!


Jaxon works at the Spekters Mansion as the butler. He's mostly a serious person who is all about getting the job done with no distractions getting in the way. He is always searching to end up as the best at anything he can be, but it always seems like someone is dragging him down at one point or another. He also hopes to be as rich and successful one day as his boss. All in all, he's just an ambicious, hardworking kid trying to make his way to the top.


Amie works at the Spekters Mansion as the maid. She can be very flighty most of the time, and is easily distracted. She isn't very smart, but she always manages to stay chipper and smiley when all goes wrong. When a situation goes sour, she always stays optimistic and tries to keep the mood happy and fun. She also manages to get along with mostly everyone at the house, which is definitely saying something good on her part.


Harvey works at the Spekters Mansion as the cook. He's basically the exact opposite of Jaxon. He's always looking for ways to have fun and goof off. His motto is to live life for today, and put off the boring stuff for tomorrow. Of course, that doesn't mean he has no plans for tomorrow! He takes his cooking very seriously, and hopes to be a famouse chef one day. Nevertheless, not even his dreams get in the way of him looking for a good time.


Travis works at the Spekters Mansion as a chimney sweeper. He is very poor and lives on the streets with his mom. He comes into the mansion sometimes to make some extra money to support his struggling family. He acts like a punk towards everyone in the house except Amie, who he has a crush on. He hates it when people feel sorry for him, and he's known to have a quick temper. Lastly, he has a pet cat named Jojo, who he brings into the mansion sometimes.


Walter works at the Spekters Mansion as the gardener. He's always working outside, planting and watering flowers. When any of the kids need some good advice, they always talk to him about their problems. They can get on his nerves sometimes, but Walter is always willing to do anything he can to help the kids with their problems. Not to mention, talking with the teens always makes him feel younger. Also, he has a wife named Nancy.